Critical Services for Homebuyers and Investors

Non-Bank Funding

With the collapse of the banking industry, people seeking to borrow money to buy a home or for any purpose for that matter haven't stood a chance.

Banks talk a good game, but when you get right down to it, the rules and restrictions thrust upon them make it nearly impossible for anybody to qualify - they just aren't lending that much money.

The good news is you have non-bank alternatives. With the collapse of the banking industry, peer-to-peer lending emerged. Peer-to-peer lending is one individual lending to another, neither of which know each other, through the magic of the internet.

CLICK HERE to be taken to a site where you will learn more and be able to complete an application. Why not give it a go? You have only upside.

Credit Repair

If you are like many people, your credit rating took a hit in the last downturn.

We have found this outfit the best in the business for getting derogatories wiped off your credit history and restoring credit. They challenge items on your reports and "dog" creditors until they get them removed.

They also coach you on what you have to do to fulfill your part of getting your credit improved.

They are reasonably priced.

Even if you credit is good, they can make it even better.

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We have found this company to insure even the most challenging of properties and situations:

  • Coverage for all types of investor properties: vacant, under renovation, and occupied properties
  • Pay-as-you-go monthly
  • Insure multiple LLCs and corporations under the same schedule
  • Coverages underwritten by AM Best “A” or better rated insurers
  • Coverage in all 50 states.

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Affordable Unlimited Legal Assistance

Unexpected legal questions arise every day creating a world where everyone needs access to legal protection.

This resource provides you  access to a high-quality law firm for as little as $20 a month.

From real estate to document review, speeding tickets to will preparation and more, you will have an attorney on-call to advise you on any legal matter - no matter how traumatic or how trivial it may seem.

The associated law firms are paid in advance so their sole focus is on serving you rather than billing you. With this legal plan, you will be protected and empowered to worry less and live more.

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  • Quick legal question?  Click Here to ask!
  • Want to build legal docs on the fly? Click here for a FREE APP!

VoiceMail Manager

Custom Manage Each Caller

Stop Robocalls

This service provides intelligent management of your phone calls.

Custom greetings for your callers:

  • Assign callers to groups (e.g., business, family, etc.) and have a customized greeting for that group.
  • Greet callers by name.
  • Stop robocalls.
  • Force "blocked caller id" callers to reveal themselves or they can't get through to you.
  • Ditch nuisance callers.

Functions as a personal, virtual assistant.

Free conference calling feature that doesn't burn up your minutes.

Stay abreast of the latest phone scams.


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