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How to Sell a Property the City has Cited for Code Violations
or Needing Major Repairs

If your property needs repairs, you may have experienced that it is MUCH harder to sell...sometimes, even impossible:

  • Lenders will NOT approve a loan on a property that needs repairs or is not to-code.
  • Buyers who qualify for a bank loan today can afford to be picky because they have so many properties from which to choose if they are bank-qualified.

If you don’t have the means or the time to fix the property before putting it on the market, for all practical purposes, it is unmarketable. With lending standards as tight as they are, if you have even as much as a broken door knob or missing outlet cover, the property may not qualify for a loan even though the buyer does.

Making matters worse, once city inspectors know where and how to find you, they pile on with citations and fines.  Leave those citations unaddressed and the fines unpaid, you will be summoned to Court and can even be jailed.  That property isn't an asset; IT'S A LIABILITY.

If you are in this situation, don’t despair.  You have come to the right people. We buy with all cash and as-is. We'll get the City off your back, deal with the repairs, and put money in your pocket so you can put your problem in the rearview mirror. Your problem becomes our problem. 

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