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Skeptical at first

"Appreciate everything he did"

"Means a Home for My Family"

We Bought Property with Judgments, Back Taxes, and Defective Title 



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Investors who bought

We succeeded when others let her down

First Time Buyer

"Solved My Real Estate Issues"
Working with Rod was great, he helped me sell my
Dayton place that I cannot sell. He also helped me with probate
court issues, he walked the extra mile with me to solve my real 
estate issues.
Thank you Rod
Bank Said No, We Said Yes

"Quicker than I thought"

"Great Transaction"...Plans to Buy More

"You're better than any realtor"

3rd Purchase from us and plans more

"Took the Concern Out"

Testimonial 2016_0913

2nd Transaction with us
"I just love 'im."


About Us

Midwest Real Estate Pros is a multi-service real estate company that BUYS properties quickly for all cash, rehabs, and SELLS HOMES discounted to cash buyers or with no-bank qualifying (ever) financing as a place to live or as an investment while focusing on providing you hassle-free, simplified, fast, friendly, flexible professional service.


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